Meaning Making Machines


Are you a meaning making machine?

LTFS Library Helps Make Meanings Accurate

The expression “humans are meaning making machines” alludes to how we attach meaning and make up a story to fit most everything we see, hear and experience. Meanings help us make sense of the world and the events around us and in our businesses. So, what’s the problem with this, and how can LTO technology help?  Read on.


What did you actually see?

The problem is that we are often wrong about the initial meaning we attach to things. But if we carry on with the made up story we told ourselves, it becomes fact in our mind and misshapes our behavior and decisions.  We need to recognize this “meaning making” process and the subsequent stories we invent, assumptions we make in business, and try to see the event for what actually occurred without adding “color commentary.” Then we should check our assumptions by gathering relevant information and evidence. That’s where strategic long term data storage comes in to play.

In business, we need a rich store of evidence, aka data, to make relevant meaning of our business events for critical decision making. You can store this evidential information long term, economically and reliably with LTO technology, and make it easy to mine with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).

Accurate Meanings Made Easy with an LTFS Library


LTFS can make meaning of the pieces.

With the single tape drive version of LTFS, the file index, including directory information and metadata, is stored on the tape media, making each cartridge self-describing for ease of use and transport. In the typical tape library versions of LTFS, the indexes from the LTFS formatted cartridges in the library are copied and stored on a central disk repository. This allows for very fast searching and mining of the information stored in the LTFS index database. When the desired metadata has been found, the needed cartridge(s) can be automatically recalled by the library robotics. This avoids the need to search all cartridges, and makes the information readily available. Each LTFS cartridge in the library appears as a folder in the directory tree with subfolders and files. Not only can you search the indexes, but you can also scan through the folders and files using your OS browser just like you would do with disk or a USB drive. It’s that easy!

The combination of the LTFS repository and tape automation library is the ultimate machine to help you make accurate meaning of your organizations events. It can provide you with the ease of access to the massive amount of data being produced to help put the pieces together for informed business decisions. See a list of providers with LTFS supported offerings here.