Clients Get the LTO-7 Scoop in New York

Attendees at the Storage Decisions Conference Discuss LTO Generation-7 Benefits

blog1Storage Decisions is an exclusive conference for storage execs from select companies in a wide assortment of industries.  Here they learn to decipher and select the storage devices and capabilities needed to address their organizations’ requirements for scalability, performance, flexibility, capacity and affordability. The LTO Program sponsored a booth at the conference, held in New York City in early November, and were met with a huge interest in LTO technology, and especially LTO generation 7.

The Number 1 Asset

Why the vast interests in LTO tape technology? Executives are concerned about protecting their number one asset…data! Many commented that they need a solution that can  balance data protection with performance and cost.  Regarding protection, they stated that the ever-present threat from hackers causing data breaches is a priority item to address on the corporate to-do list. Databreaches that allow thieves to get access to sensitive customer and employee information, as well as intellectual property, can cost the organization big dollars and can severely damage the business and company reputation. They understand that LTO tape is off-line storage – a cartridge on a shelf is not accessible by the system and therefore is protected from hackers and viruses.

(Figure 1) Use LTO-7 Tape in a Tiered Strategy

(Figure 1) Use LTO-7 Tape in a Tiered Strategy

Balancing the Priorities

Balancing the protection of data with performance and cost is an important set of priorities. The conference attendees learned how LTO tape technology can help address these priorities in a tiered storage strategy. Shawn Brume, LTO Program representative, explains to a client (Figure-1) that about 90% of data stored on disk is rarely, if ever, accessed again. Therefore, why keep it on expensive disk real estate?  Free up that disk space by moving the rarely used 90% of data to an LTO tape storage archive. LTO-7 technology offers impressive specs for this bulk data:

LTO Generation 7:

? Up to 15TBs of secure storage per cartridge compressed (6TB native) – more than twice the capacity of LTO-6 tape

? Up to 750MBs per second of blazing backup speed per drive compressed (300MB/sec native)

? Support for tape drive hardware encryption and WORM tape to address security matters

? Previous generation compatibility: can read and write Gen-6 cartridges and read Gen-5 cartridges to protect investments

? Support for Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which helps make LTO tape easy to use in a manner like using disk (drag and drop files to and from the tape)

blog3Attendees at the conference were pleased to see how LTO-7 technology can address capacity and performance as well as ease of use and implementation.  Regarding cost, LTO technology is the low cost form of digital data storage.  At less than 1 cent per gigabyte, LTO tape can be the answer to a tight storage budget.

As discussed at the Storage Decisions conference, addressing the objectives of data protection, performance and cost is critical. Tape and disk can complement each other, with disk utilized for frequently accessed data, and tape tasked for the backup protection of all data and for the archive of infrequently accessed data. Tape remains unrivaled in terms of cost, capacity, reliability, portability and security, and it continues to play a crucial role in data protection.