Top 10 LTO BlogBytes of the Year 2015

blog12015 was an amazing year of technological advancements and coming of age for data protection practices, all evidenced by the top 10 LTO BlogBytes of the year. Based on readership the rankings were very close.  Here’s how they finally lined up:

1. Hey CEO, CFO and CIO… Take Note… LTO 7 Is Coming!

Drum roll….Number one on the list was the news that LTO generation 7 was on the way. Deservedly so, because LTO-7 tape (available from your vendor now!) has remarkable specifications to help reduce costs, improve productivity and preserve data, including a 2.4 times increase in cartridge capacity and a nearly 2 times increase in data transfer rate over LTO-6 tape.

2. How to Put LTFS to Work for You

A close second featured one of the three part BlogByte series that discussed the details behind the Linear Tape File System (LTFS). This amazing technology makes LTO tape easy to use in a manner like using disk or a USB drive. Want to know how to make it work for you?  Learn how in the #2 BlogByte of the year.

3. The Magic Behind LTFS

The LTFS series also included a post detailing the inside scoop on how the technology works. Although the wizardry behind LTFS is quite ingenious, the usage is straightforward.  See the magic that makes LTFS work in the #3 BlogByte of the year.

4. The Backup Blacklist

blog4Protecting the number one asset, data, is key to the advancement and survival of the organization. This is a task that requires a comprehensive strategy to protect against the vast number of intentional and unintentional means that data can be damaged and destroyed. These data destroyers along with a plan to protect your information are found in the #4 BlogByte of the year.

5. Data Sticks to Tape

There are a number of myths that downplay the importance of tape storage data protection. These myths are debunked in a discussion that includes speed, cost, ease of use and reliability.

6. How Much is That Storage in the Window?

blog5The costs associated with a data protection implementation are high on the list of concerns for data managers. Considerations include not only the capex investments but also ongoing opex costs. What does LTO tape cost and how does it compare to disk?

7. Users at the NAB Show Are LTO-ing It

The LTO Program presented the technology at a half dozen business shows around the world. Each show was unique and covered a variety of industry segments from security to high performance computing. None was more interesting than the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas last April. The 100,000 plus attendees included movie makers, television programmers, and post production firms that experienced live demonstrations of LTO technology with LTFS at the LTO Program booth.

8. Backup vs Archive, What Difference Does it Make

Do you know the difference between backup and archive? In our next blog, both practices are defined and differentiated, as well as a strategy for using disk and tape together to optimize performance, cost and data protection.


9. Tape Guts Exposed

Just what makes LTO technology so blazingly fast and able to support huge capacities with outstanding data integrity? Learn about the LTO technological feats in the #9 BlogByte.

10. Users Put LTFS to Work

The third blog in the LTFS series discussed how users have implemented LTFS and the incredible benefits they have received, including big reductions in cost and amazing increases in overall storage reliability.

Thanks very much for reading LTO BlogBytes and stay tuned for BlogBytes 2016. LTO fans can look forward to topics that inform, entertain, educate and inspire data managers to maintain the health of the organization by protecting and preserving data.