Data Security Featured at International Conference

The LTO Program featured LTO-7 tape technology and the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) at the recent IFSEC International security conference in London, England. IFSEC International is the biggest security exhibition in Europe with over 27, 000 global security professionals and more than 600 exhibitors in attendance.

Participants were eager to learn about security solutions to help prevent theft, vandalism, sabotage, fire and other security disasters. These professionals want to protect company assets especially data storage and intellectual property. That’s where LTO technology shines!

Let’s take a closer look at the potential threats and the protection methods that can help you defend your assets against data thugs.

What Are Data Thugs Doing?

Data Thugs Can Be Stopped

Data Thugs Can Be Stopped

Attacks on your company from thugs who are after your assets can take place in a variety of ways:

Physical & Perimeter breaches: protecting property and personnel is of utmost importance in all security approaches due to the heightened threat in today’s world.

IT and Cyber threats:  threats from cyber and IT crime are increasingly concerning. IFSEC was held in the UK where there were 2.46 million “cyber incidents” last year according to the UK’s National Crime Agency and as reported in a recent BBC article. Cybercrime is a worldwide problem, therefore, when companies, government organizations and individuals rely on the internet for day-to-day business, it’s vital to protect the business and its data assets.

Data theft and Destruction:  data theft and destruction can occur with malware, viruses, hackers, disgruntled employees and even ransomware. When data theft occurs, your critical data assets are held hostage with potentially enormous costs.

What Can You Do to Protect your Data Assets?

Secure Video Surveillance Files with LTO and LTFS Technology

Secure Video Surveillance Files with LTO and LTFS Technology

Physical Protection and Alarms: these implementations allow you to physically protect your premises with locking systems, safes, barriers, guards, wireless alarm systems, control panels, shock sensors and more.

Secure Data Measures: securing data is accomplished by a series of actions including: training staff on how to handle confidential information, enforcing the use of resilient passwords, implementing robust technical barriers (e.g. firewalls) and storing digital data securely offline.

Video Surveillance:  video surveillance can help protect a company, its assets and its employees. It can act as a deterrent to crime, help to apprehend the offender, protect employees and improve productivity.


(Figure 4) LTO Program Rep explains Secure Air-Gap Practice

LTO Program Rep explains Secure Air-Gap Practice

LTO Technology and Data Security

At the LTO Program booth at IFSEC, Laura Loredo, LTO Program representative, discussed how LTO technology can protect data with hardware encryption and offline air-gap storage capabilities (Figure-4).

LTO technology data encryption features a 256-symmetric key AES-GCM algorithm that is implemented at the drive level, which enables compression before encryption to maximize tape capacities and delivers high performance during backup. It also makes the data unreadable in case it gets into the wrong hands.

LTO technology offline air-gap storage occurs when the data cartridge is removed from the tape drive and stored in a tape library slot, on a shelf or in a secure vault, preventing the data from being accessed by electronic resources. There is an “air-gap” or physical space between the data and the IT system which isolates the storage content electronically, electromagnetically and most importantly physically from other systems. This is an essential practice to protect valuable information assets.

Video Surveillance Storage Made Easy

An increasing amount of companies are implementing video surveillance systems with remote cameras that can capture high definition footage for prevention, evidential and apprehension purposes. These large video files can create significant storage and retrieval challenges.

With LTO-7 tape, and its massive cartridge capacity of 6TB uncompressed (up to 15TB compressed), and LTO tape drive’s fast native speeds of up to 300MB per second (up to 750MB/sec compressed), the storage of huge files is a snap! To manage the process, the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) makes storing and retrieving files easy in a manner like using a USB stick or hard disk drive. Simply drag and drop files to and from the tape! You can have confidence in LTFS technology, which the International Standardization Organization (ISO) has named an International Standard (ISO/IEC 20919:2016).

Stop data thugs in their tracks! Implement strong security processes and protect your digital information assets with LTO technology and LTFS.