Tape: There’s so much to love!

lto loveAs users know, LTO tape technology has a low acquisition cost, low power consumption, integrated security features and ease-of-use attributes. There’s so much for users to love! Every time they meet their storage budget, pay an energy utility bill, address a security requirement, thwart a cyber-attack or need to easily retrieve essential archived data, users are happy. In this BlogBytes post, we will review exciting user stories on how LTO tape technology has helped address demanding storage objectives.

Post Production Company Wanted an Easily Integrated Workflow Solution

The Bridge is a film post-production company located in Bollywood, the heart of India’s entertainment industry. The Bridge specializes in on-set dailies, data archiving, conform services, color grading and post production workflow design and management for their feature film clients. The Bridge needed a fast and simple workflow solution that could quickly offload high-resolution camera content in the field.

The Bridge required a new storage system to:

  • filmRapidly offload camera master data to a reliable storage media
  • Lower storage costs associated with media recording, backup, SAN storage and long-term archive
  • Replace costly and unreliable backups to hard drives to prevent data loss
  • Demonstrate clear return on investment for feature film production company clients
  • Eliminate the slow manual conform process and reduce labor costs

The Bridge turned to LTO tape with the easy to use Linear Tape File System (LTFS) because it combines low-cost and secure archive storage; helping clients save time and costs for feature film projects. How much savings you might ask? 50 – 70 percent combined storage costs savings and the elimination of labor costs for manual conforms! In addition, an ESG global study found LTO tape to be about seven times less expensive than the average enterprise disk system. It’s safe to say, The Bridge is loving their LTO tape! Read more about The Bridge story here.

NASA Upgrades its Super Computer and LTO Tape System

nasaIn July, we learned that NASA completed an important upgrade to their Pleiades supercomputer. This upgrade increased the system’s theoretical peak performance to 7.25 petaflops. In addition, they upgraded their entire LTO generation 5 system to LTO generation 7 technology, storing up to 15TB per cartridge with data transfer speeds of up to 750MB per second compressed. The article underscores, “with approximately 111 petabytes (PB) of data currently being stored and the amount of archived user data growing by an average of 3 PB per month, this (LTO tape) upgrade will help NASA keep pace with the ever-increasing data storage requirements of the scientists and engineers who use the supercomputing systems to support agency missions.”  It looks like NASA loves their tape as well!  LTO-7 technology is packed with complex technologies, yet it’s so simple to implement and use.

LTO tape and LTFS are giving users the ability to reduce storage costs and optimize long-term data retention and security.  There’s so much to love! See more case studies highlighting the reasons users are loving LTO technology.