Attendees Swarm LTO Technology Booth at IBC in Amsterdam

buzzThere was a “buzz” in Europe earlier this month when nearly 100, 000 broadcasters, movie producers, post production companies and technical experts swarmed like bees to honey to the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam. The LTO Program team was on-hand to demonstrate LTO-7 technology and the industry open-standard, Linear Tape File System (LTFS). In this BlogBytes post, we will review a few of the show’s highlights, including a customer-use story and the benefits of LTFS.

Avatar – 1 Petabyte – The Need for Giant Storagegiant-storage-2

The data captured from video content is growing at an exponential rate, especially with the advent of high-definition formats like HD, UHD, 4K, 8K, etc. For example, James Cameron’s film, “Avatar,” required over 1 PB of data! This vast amount of raw content emphasized the need for reliable, high capacity and cost-efficient storage. LTO-7 tape is now on the top of the list for users because of its incredible 6 TB of native cartridge capacity and up to 300 MB per second native speed. It’s also super reliable and cost-effective!

Conference attendees witnessing the magic of LTO-7 tape with LTFS came from all over Europe including the UK, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Italy, Germany, and many countries in between. One avid LTO user from the Czech Republic was eager to tell his organization’s story of how they implement LTO technology.

hbo-czechHBO Europe Embraces LTO Technology

The Czech division of HBO Europe located in Prague uses LTO tape in a 48 slot tape library with LTFS to manage the storage of their vast array of video projects. Nikolay Utyaganov, technical director of HBO Europe – Czech division, explained that they have original production content that his division produces including movies, documentaries and ongoing program series. He and his team are responsible for the safe storage of all the raw footage, workflow, interim and final cuts for each of the projects. Mr. Utyaganov enthusiastically exclaimed, “With LTO we have benefited with cost-efficient reliable storage for managing our valuable video assets.”

Drag and Drop the File – That’s Easy!laura-ibc

Visitors wanted to see LT0-7 tape with LTFS in action. Laura Loredo, LTO representative, demonstrated the ease of use features of LTFS. Loredo showed visitors how easy it is to save copies of video files with LTFS to an LTO-7 tape cartridge. Simply drag and drop the file from the workstation hard drive onto the tape icon for fast and intuitive protection. LTFS is supported on versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS.  LTFS implementations can be used with a standalone single tape drive, as demonstrated at the conference, or in small and large tape library configurations integrated with disc and flash storage for media asset management. The content can be managed in a hierarchical storage manner based on a variety of policy parameters. See a list of LTFS implementers here.

LTO technology with LTFS addresses the growing needs of many industries including media & entertainment, medical, digital surveillance, seismic exploration, government, cloud and many more.


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