Secure Your Digital Assets!

Securing digital assets, physical property and sensitive information is a must for every organization, large or small, which is why the LTO Program recently attended the International Security Conference (ISC) East in New York.  In this BlogBytes, we will review the show highlights and key messages that were discussed, including the new LTO Generation 8 technology and how it can help you secure your data and save on costs.

Video Surveillance Creates Big Needs

ISC East showcased everything from video surveillance and access control to smart home technologies and unmanned security. Video surveillance devices can be found in many forms at: city parks, office complexes and even on drones and are essential in helping to prevent physical and digital asset theft or destruction, as well as providing evidence in the event of a crime.

It is estimated that video storage accounts for about a third of the total cost of a complete video surveillance solution [1]. Consider that a camera with HD resolution generates about 10GB of storage each day. A video surveillance storage infrastructure with just 50 cameras and a one year retention policy would generate over 183 terabytes of data.  However, if it were shot in 4K video, then that storage requirement could jump to 730 terabytes [2]! As you can see, video content can grow rapidly, and you’ll never know when you might need to retrieve it – that’s why it requires a reliable yet cost-efficient storage platform.

LTO Technology – The Cost Difference

As touched on previously, video surveillance content is rarely accessed, but it must be retained for a given period of time – whether it is only one year or indefinitely.  In Figure-1, Carlos Sandoval Castro, a member of the LTO Program team, explained to attendees how storing video content on LTO tape can securely save data and save storage dollars, compared to spinning disk, long-term. It has been shown that LTO-7 tape is up to seven times less costly than disk for storing large quantities of data and can provide over 500 percent return on investment.  LTO Generation 8 tape has the potential to provide even more savings because it can store twice as much data as LTO-7 tape. LTO-8 tape is HUGE! It has up to 12TB of native storage capacity (up to 30TB with 2.5:1 compression), providing savings in physical space, tape handling, tape library slots and more!

Video content producers have found that not only is LTO technology economically efficient, but also, when used with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), it is easy-to-use in a manner like using disk or a USB drive. LTFS allows access to tape content via the operating system browser. This means that you can drag and drop files to and from the tape in a format that is recognized as an industry standard.  LTFS is supported in small to large backup and archive storage management systems. See LTFS implementers here.

Taking steps to secure critical data is essential and the newly announced LTO-8 technology can help you secure more data than ever before. Want to learn all about LTO-8 technology?  See it here.

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