Leap in to the New Year with Storage Resolutions!         

At the end of the year many of us jump into the New Year with hopeful resolutions. Most of us think about personal goals of reductions, improvements and efficiencies ranging from weight management to financial prosperity. This isn’t much different from how we set business resolutions. In this BlogBytes, we will explore ways to be more storage efficient, shed some of those extra data pounds and save dollars in the process with a close look at LTO tape attributes and the new LTO generation-8 technology.

Record Data Shipments

According to an April 2017 Capacity Shipped report from the LTO Program, “a record 96,000 petabytes (PB) of total compressed LTO tape capacity shipped in 2016, an increase of 26.1 percent over the previous year.” The amount of books required to represent 96,000PB of data could construct a ladder connecting Jupiter to the Sun with nearly 100 million kilometers of books to spare!

This is a massive amount of data capacity shipments and a testament to the importance of LTO tape technology in the data center. These shipments are delivered worldwide to industry segments and to new areas of growth, especially in media and entertainment, digital video surveillance, high performance computing, research and education.

What makes LTO tape so attractive and an important ingredient to achieving New Year’s data storage resolutions? Read on.

Data Storage New Year’s Resolutions

Get Lean: It is estimated that up to 90 percent of data written to disk is not accessed again. Why keep cold unused data spinning on expensive storage real estate? Instead, move this data to lower cost storage like tape. This will help your disk farm shed some pounds and get in shape to accept new data. Get in shape with tape!

Be Thrifty: Tape has been shown to provide huge savings and an exceptional return on investment. In a 10 year ESG study, an LTO tape solution was compared to a disk solution and showed a whopping 577 percent return on investment when accounting both for avoided costs and net new economic improvements. Discover how you can store smarter and save by trying the LTO Program TCO Calculator.

Go Green:  Tape can save big bucks on the electric bill. In the same study discussed above, the tape solution was over an order of magnitude less costly for energy expenses than the disk scenario. In another ESG data center analysis, Vinny Choinski, Senior Lab Analyst and Brian Garrett, VP ESG Lab stated, “Nothing is more cost-effective, reliable, and energy-efficient for long-term data retention than a tape in a library slot or on a shelf.” Think about it, a cartridge on a shelf draws no power! Go green with tape.

Be Safe: Data predators are lurking behind every click of a mouse hoping to capitalize on the havoc caused by malware. Be prepared by having a solid and secure data protection plan that utilizes the offline “air-gap” features of LTO technology as well as LTO tape data encryption that can protect data even if it gets into the wrong hands.  Secure your data with LTO technology.

Make LTO tape technology part of your New Year’s resolutions for efficient cost-effective data storage. In fact, make the new LTO generation-8 tape your choice! It is pretty phenomenal with huge capacity that can provide outstanding cost and storage savings. Learn more about LTO-8 tape here.