Top 10 BlogBytes of the Year 2017

In 2017, readers of the LTO Program’s BlogBytes were made aware of the latest digital storage trends and topics – from controlling costs and combatting cyber-attacks to managing storage and getting the scoop on the new LTO generation-8 technology. Read on to learn about the Top Ten BlogBytes of 2017 based on readership.

10 – Introduced at the end of 2017, LTO-8 technology has been of keen interest to organizations that need to manage and secure large amounts of data while also controlling costs. How can LTO-8 technology help? With enormous capacity and high data integrity! Get the LTO-8 facts in BlogBytes #10 of 2017, How Do You Spell BIG…H-U-G-E!

9 – With the onslaught of growing data and the need to keep it for longer periods of time amidst tighter IT budgets, the topic of cost control remained relevant to readers all year round. See the details in the BlogBytes #9 New Year’s Resolution – Control Costs.

8 – Small or medium sized businesses with terabytes of data to protect and retain, as well as large enterprises with petabytes of data have many similar business objectives. One of these is managing data in the most cost-efficient way. The business objectives are revealed in BlogBytes #8: Do You Have Terabytes or Petabytes?

7 –Who would have thought that the Top 10 BlogBytes of 2016 would be in the Top 10 of 2017? See the list and read all about them in the Top 10 LTO BlogBytes of the Year 2016.

6 – IT storage managers experience on-going pressures to reduce costs for hot and cold data storage, address compliance requirements, manage data growth and protect short and long-term storage. Read the nitty gritty on how LTO tape can help in BlogBytes #6:  The Value of Tape Is Compelling For You and the Cloud.

5 – Money is a major part of storage selection decisions for broadcast organizations and movie producers. With ultra-high definition 4K video formats and multi-camera sequences, enormous content storage challenges are created. See how these challenges can be managed with LTO tape in 4K Video – Show Me the Storage in BlogBytes #5.

4 – Storage managers struggle with estimating just how much archive storage can cost across various storage platforms. Now there is a way to get a good estimate of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your long-term data retention needs.  Learn how and try it for yourself in BlogBytes #4: Calculate Your Long-Term Storage Costs With Our New TCO Tool.

3 – BlogBytes #3 of 2017 aimed to dispel the myths about tape’s role in data centers and demonstrate why LTO technology is a storage “must have” for IT directors and cloud vendors who are concerned about securely preserving their data and controlling costs. Here it is: Tape Rises to the Top.

2 – Malware, including ransomware attacks, is causing great pains and costs to organizations of all sizes and across industries.  In BlogBytes #2, we learned more about this form of cyber-attack and what you can do to protect your company’s assets as well as how LTO technology can play a vital role.  Be sure to take the valuable advice in: Ransomware – The Ugly Truth and How to Fight Back.

1 – The number one BlogBytes of 2017 was all about helping you control the bottom-line in your business. Managing overall storage costs is high priority for data storage managers far and wide.  This BlogBytes examined Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) variables and mapped them to more holistic organizational goals to help reduce costs and store more! Read more in Tape and Disk Storage: What do they really cost?

Thanks for reading BlogBytes!  Leap in to the New Year with storage resolutions in the first BlogBytes of 2018, here.