The NAB Show – We Need to Store More!

In April, tens of thousands of broadcasters and movie makers stormed the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas to see how the latest technology will help them manage their TV, radio and movie-making operations. One of the key concerns shared during the event was how to efficiently and cost-effectively store large media files over the long-term. The LTO Program team was there with its Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and the new LTO Generation-8 technology that stores more than ever before. In this BlogBytes, we will take a close look at what broadcasters learned to help resolve their need to store more including how one post-production company makes strategic use of LTO technology.

The NAB Show Features Cutting Edge Technology

The NAB Show is the premier event for media and entertainment professionals to witness ground-breaking innovation and solutions to help create, manage, store and deliver rich media content. There were over 500 seminars and sessions, as well as over 1,700 exhibitors featuring pioneering tools to help explore the latest trends in rich media creation, delivery and preservation.

The LTO Program was in the middle of it all, showing how the new LTO-8 technology with LTFS makes a cutting-edge storage power package to safely and efficiently store more rich media files than ever before. Think about the amount of data that just one 4K camera can create – it’s about 1.5 terabytes for each hour of film production! Imagine how this increases with multiple cameras and multiple takes. But never fear – just one LTO-8 tape cartridge can store up to 12TBs native and up to 30TBs of compressed data, which is twice the previous LTO generation.

The LTO Program team also participated on a panel at the NAB Show Live broadcast along with a group of experts that discussed the increasing demand of storage for all data as well as and how LTO technology can address those needs at the lowest possible cost.

Attendees Flock to LTO-8 Technology

The LTO Program demonstrated, for the first time since its launch, the LTO-8 tape’s unique features along with its incredible LTFS technology. In Figure-1, Eric Bassier, LTO Program representative, showed conference attendees how easy LTFS is to use.

With the click of a mouse, media files can be dragged from the disk drive and dropped into the tape icon for safe storage. This simple operation can be done in the OS directory tree from storage drives to LTFS formatted tape cartridge and vice versa. But that’s not all! LTFS is supported for both small environments with stand-alone tape drives and small tape libraries as well as large tape library configurations with tiered hierarchies of disk and flash storage. There are a great number of software offerings that support LTO technology and LTFS with unique workflow and archive based features.  See a list of LTFS implementers here.

Post Production Firm Overcomes Workflow Struggles

The Bridge is located in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai – India’s entertainment industry. As noted in this case study, The Bridge is a post-production facility specializing in on-set dailies, data archiving, conform services, color grading and post production workflow design and management.  The Bridge needed a workflow solution that would easily integrate into their on-set lab including the ability to:

  • Rapidly offload camera master data to a reliable storage media
  • Lower storage costs of media recording, backup, SAN storage and long-term archive
  • Replace costly and unreliable backups to hard drives to prevent data loss
  • Demonstrate a clear return on investment for feature film production companies
  • Eliminate the slow manual conform process and reduce labor costs

The Bridge chose a solution with LTO technology and LTFS because it protected content and turned LTO tape into a nearline and archive medium realizing a 50 to 70 percent combined storage costs savings. Read more about The Bridge case study here.

The NAB Show 2018 was a big success and the LTO Program team was happy to say hello to a great number of LTO technology clients as well as new visitors looking to securely store rich media files. For more LTO technology case studies click here.