Spice up the Ingredients!

IT pros, like you, attended SpiceWorld 2018 held in Austin, TX earlier this month. They discovered all sorts of spicy information to help manage technology, products, data and services. The main goal for attendees was to learn about the latest technology and determine which might be the best fit to benefit their organizations.  The LTO Program was on the floor with LTO-8 technology to spice things up with data storage solutions!

What’s in the World of Spice?

SpiceWorld is made up of more than 40 sessions led by technology experts and specialists as well as technology vendors. These sessions provide users with expertise and insight to help their organizations become more competitive and efficient. Two of the objectives discussed at the LTO Program booth were data storage cost control and data protection from cyber-attacks.

Here’s how to save storage dollars!

Storing critical information in a cost-effective manner is high on the IT pro to-do list. In Figure-1, LTO Program representatives show attendees how LTO technology can not only save the data, but can also save storage budget dollars.

In a recent independent study comparing the ten year cost of archiving a petabyte of data using tape, disk and cloud, analyst ESG revealed that LTO-8 technology can provide very significant cost savings in three primary areas:


  • Decreased capital expense: specifically related to hardware and tape media – LTO-8 technology builds on the inherent reliability and low cost of tape media, enabling organizations to minimise hardware expenditure in their storage infrastructure.
  • Decreased operational expense: including administration, support, maintenance, infrastructure and data migration. Since organizations can use higher-capacity 30TB tape cartridges1, less space and time is consumed in the data center.
  • Improved business uptime: including less data risk, less downtime and increased user productivity. Compared to disk based systems, LTO-8 tape’s reliability and high transfer rates can deliver better recovery point objectives (RPOs) and faster recovery time objectives (RTOs).  This is because data is less at risk of being lost and tape is less prone to failure. Thus, users can be more productive since they have consistent access to data when needed.

Overall, the ESG economic validation summary noted that the LTO-8 solution could provide a projected TCO that was 86% lower than that of the all-disk solution and 66% lower than the all-cloud TCO over the ten-year modeled period.  Its message seems clear: use LTO technology to save money now!

Fight against Cyber-Attacks!

Attendees at SpiceWorld 2018 were also eager to learn about LTO tape’s qualities that protect company information against cyberattack.

LTO technology supports data encryption to protect sensitive information as well as air gap capabilities, which are explained in an IDC data protection white paper, as follows: “The air gap nature of tape operations, along with its ability to maintain separated data images that cannot be corrupted, allows tape to serve as a fail-safe method against ransomware. Moreover, if a company’s entire data environment were to be compromised, tape can restore data at speeds that cannot be matched by replication from the cloud.”

Free Pass to ISC East Exhibits!

The LTO Program was thrilled to meet the savvy IT pros at SpiceWorld 2018 and enjoyed sharing spicy cost savings and data protection strategies!  And in November, the LTO Program team will be heading to ISC East in New York.

Want to meet the team there? Come along! Register for a FREE ISC East Exhibit Hall Pass at http://nvyt.es/9b6047df  and visit the LTO Program team at booth #453 to learn about LTO-8’s data saving security features.

1 Assuming a 2.5:1 compression achieved with larger compression history buffer available beginning with LTO generation 6 drives.