It’s National Archives Month!

October is National Archives Month and organizations around the world are focused on ways to preserve important content in the long-term and in the most economical manner. In this BlogBytes, we will discuss what an archive is and review the top 8 reasons why LTO technology is the secure archive strategy of choice including – saving money!

What is an Archive?

According to the National Archives, “An archive is a place where people can go to gather firsthand facts, data, and evidence from letters, reports, notes, memos, photographs, and other primary sources.” You may even have an archive in your own home? Over time, I’m sure you’ve stashed away your own collection of memos, post cards, photos and keep-sakes that remind you of certain events and are stored in a box under the bed or in the attic!? Some of the mementos you may have even digitized and kept on your laptop.

Businesses are also challenged with archiving information long-term to meet company policies and address regulatory requirements. In addition, access to historical data and rich media content are essential for informed decision making.  The question becomes, “where to store the data economically and preserve it safely long-term?”

8 Special Reasons

In a recent webinar the LTO Program presented the, “Top 8 Reasons for LTO-8 Technology.”  The reasons to choose LTO technology for your archiving needs range from LTO-8 technology’s huge capacity that offers up to 30TB per cartridge of compressed data to the forward looking LTO technology roadmap, which plans for LTO generation-12 at up to 480TB of storage capacity. More capacity per cartridge means saving floor space, shelf space, tape library space, less handling and reduced off-site storage costs. Sounds great, right?

Well there are six more enticing reasons why to choose LTO, including information on how LTO tape is environmentally friendly!  How so? Think about it – a tape cartridge on a shelf or in a library slot consumes zero power, which obviously can yield enormous savings in power and cooling costs as businesses acquire more data.

You can find out more about the top reasons for LTO-8 in the webinar.

Save Money Archiving!

In a recent update to a 10 year total cost of ownership (TCO) study, ESG showed how LTO generation-8 can increase savings. The study found that the LTO-8 solution provided an expected TCO that is 86% lower than an all-disk solution and 66% lower than a cloud-based solution (see the bar graph). Read the full TCO update here.

When it comes to archiving important information long-term, put LTO-8 to the test and make LTO technology part of your plan for low cost, secure data protection.

Learn more about LTO-8 technology and speak to the LTO experts at ISC East in New York, November 14-15.