Take a ‘Byte’ outta Crime

The largest security trade show in the North East of America, ISC East, was held in New York and welcomed over 7,000 security and public safety attendees, as well as over 250 industry leading security brands. The LTO Program was there highlighting how LTO-8 technology can be your data watchdog to help take a ‘byte’ outta crime. Read on for the gritty details.

Where are the cameras?

ISC East showcased education sessions, workshops and solution exhibitors with topics ranging from drone detection and aerial security, to video surveillance, data analytics, smart buildings and smart cities. Protecting property, products, people and data was a common thread throughout. Each of these topics also had another characteristic in common – the collection of huge amounts of critical digital data. Security cameras and detection devices are everywhere: on drones, in parks, on buildings, in garages, on dashboards and on uniforms. These cameras create a substantial amount of data that needs to be securely stored for lengthy periods of time. The crucial information could eventually be used to detect and prosecute wrong-doers.

Criminals nabbed!

A Huffington Post article describes how security cameras helped provide evidence and apprehend suspects for a variety of criminal activities. One evening a young nursing student was kidnapped while walking down a street in Philadelphia. Cameras recorded the crime and the getaway car, which led to the perpetrators’ capture.  In North Dakota, drones armed with night vision helped track down and capture four individuals suspected of drinking and driving offences and were hiding in corn fields to avoid apprehension.  It is estimated that there are well over 30 million security cameras in use in the United States, and many are now deploying high-definition (HD) technology to help make identification of individuals and evidence more accurate. HD devices create huge digital files that create a storage management and budget challenge. Enter LTO technology to handle the job.

Store it safely and economically

Video evidentiary data needs to be stored securely, but is rarely accessed until a crime is committed and evidence needs to be gathered. Storing infrequently accessed video on disk would be unnecessary and costly. Surveillance footage should be stored on tape to control costs, while also providing long term protection. In a 10-year TCO study conducted by ESG, LTO-8 tape technology provided an expected TCO that was 86 percent lower than an all-disk solution and 66 percent lower than a cloud-based solution. You can read it here. In addition, LTO-8 tape can help make big data manageable by storing a whopping 12TB per cartridge uncompressed (up to 30TB with compressible data). That’s huge!

The IT pros at ISC East were excited about enhancing their security operations with the benefits of LTO tape as their data watchdog. LTO-8 technology helps make storing important information efficient, economical and secure from cyber-warfare. See the Top 8 reasons to choose LTO technology here.