Make LTO-7 Tape Huge!

The amount of digital data generated worldwide is growing leaps and bounds. In a recent white paper, IDC estimates that the global datasphere will exceed 160 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025, with a 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). A portion of that datasphere will need to be stored long-term and companies are continually analyzing how best to manage the data explosion to achieve optimal accessibility, cost control and data protection.  In this BlogBytes, we will discuss a new feature of LTO-8 drives that can make new LTO-7 tape media handle even bigger data demands.

Get 9TB Now!

Imagine this – you just got your hands on new LTO-8 tape drives. You also have LTO-7 tape media and you would like to use 6TB LTO-7 media in your new LTO-8 drives. An LTO-8 tape drive can read and write an LTO-7 tape cartridge, which helps preserve your investment in LTO media and makes implementation easier.

But… did you know that you can take a brand new, unused LTO-7 cartridge and initialize it in your LTO-8 drive as Type-M Media and it will store up to 9TB uncompressed or up to 22.5TB with compressible data? That’s a 50% increase in storage capacity over the normal LTO-7 cartridge capacity!

It really is that simple!

LTO-7 tape can be purchased pre-initialized as LTO-7 type M media or can be initialized in less than a minute by simply adding an M8 barcode label to a new LTO-7 cartridge and writing data to it in a tape library that supports LTO-7 Type-M Media.  Initialization is a one-time operation and cannot be reversed. This means that an LTO-7 Type-M Media cartridge can only be used in an LTO-8 tape drive once initialized.

LTO-7 Type-M Media supports encryption and partitioning. LTO tape drive data encryption provides added security – if the tape gets in to the wrong hands, the data is unreadable. Partitioning enables the use of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which can make your tape device appear to the user as a standard Windows, Mac or Linux disk volume.

Bottom Line

You can benefit with 50% more storage capacity on your new LTO-7 tape for the same price! New, unused LTO-7 tape cartridges can be used in your LTO-8 drives to get up to 9TB uncompressed (up to 22.5TB with compressible data) to help manage the datasphere explosion!

Get all the info: watch the LTO-7 Type-M Media video here and click here for LTO-7 Type-M Media FAQs.