Cloud Roommate Wanted!

Cloud Storage Service Providers (SSPs) face the same challenges that individual organizations face when it comes to storing data – accessing it, protecting it and controlling costs. Cloud SSPs need to make informed and effective media choices to address each of these storage responsibilities -they need a great storage roommate! As you will learn in this BlogBytes, LTO technology is their roommate of choice.

Under Pressure

Today’s cloud storage service providers are under extreme pressure to deliver the best storage environment possible to their clients. Cloud data can be just as vulnerable as local storage where system glitches and cyber-warfare can destroy or hold data for ransom. A article stated, “[C]loud service providers face these challenges at massive scale! That multiplies not just the severity of the challenge but the benefits from any technology that can help overcome these challenges.”

Overcome the Challenges

Cyber-criminals are looking to attack data wherever it resides and there is a lot of data in the cloud. Therefore, cloud providers want a storage roommate to provide protection from malware attacks, hackers and system glitches – all within a reasonable budget. Tape offers these benefits, starting with offline storage. Offline means the tape is no longer connected to the system and is therefore isolated from access by malware, hackers and system malfunctions. The article explains, “Tape, as a storage medium, stands out in many ways. Disk and flash-only data storage systems tend to be extremely expensive. This is not only because of the higher acquisition costs for these technologies, but also because they rely on electricity/power 24 hours per day. Whereas tape can store huge amounts of data and [can] be stored offline for 30 years or more. This provides you with a financial gain that can reach millions of dollars, as well as green credentials. Adding to this, tape’s capacity is simply massive.” An ESG total cost of ownership (TCO) study found that the TCO for an LTO-8 tape solution was 86% lower than that of an all-disk solution and 66% lower than the all-cloud TCO over the ten-year modeled period.

Best Roomy Ever

Many businesses will deploy a hybrid or “tiered” approach to solve the puzzle of secure data storage and retention. That is, a combination of local and cloud storage implementations that make use of tape at each location. A recently published IDC white paper explains that “Tape is the ideal supplement for cloud storage with a low-cost tape archive for added data protection; it is no surprise then that cloud providers have embraced tape to complement their services.”  You can read this full white paper here.

Tape can be the ideal candidate to fill the cloud storage roommate position due to its low-cost benefits, offline data protection and long-term data preservation. Learn more about LTO technology benefits here.