The Storage Issues That Must Be Solved!

There are several issues that storage managers face, ranging from technology selection and acquisition to job performance and securing sensitive information. In this BlogBytes, we will review top concerns in this data storage puzzle, the outlook for tape technology as reported by the Information Storage Industry Consortium (INSIC) Roadmap and discuss how LTO technology can help solve these pressing storage concerns.

Make a Greener Impression

In this article, Sev Onyshkevych, addresses  a number of data center issues, including energy use and consumption, noting that “cutting energy usage will help organizations save significant money, while changing the public perception of data centers being ‘energy hogs’ with a ‘greener’ impression.”

Server and disk farms create a lot of heat and consume a lot of power and space. In fact, in a ten year TCO data storage study,  ESG discovered that the power and data center real estate costs for an LTO tape library solution were estimated to be 46% less costly than an all-disk solution over the ten year period.

Top of Mind

Controlling energy costs and space consumption are key requirements of today’s data center manager and according to a commentary, there are a number of other issues that are top of mind and need to be solved, too, including: ”Automation to reduce reliance on manual skills to minimize both cost and risk; the ability to add capacity as demands increase without replacing entire systems, and overall system flexibility to better deal with high and unpredictable data growth.” Data center managers are acutely aware that “data availability, data protection and data security are front of mind for finance decision makers, who also expressed anxiety about the implications of an unexpected growth in data volumes…[with] concerns about spiraling data management costs due to rapidly increasing data volumes.”

A Revealing Report

A recent report by INSIC [1] discusses the storage outlook for tape technology and how it is positioned to address storage managers’ top concerns regarding energy use, cost control, growing volumes of information and data security. The report stated that, “A dominant influence on the future market demand for tape storage is the accelerating growth of data that individuals and organizations are generating and retaining. The requirement to preserve such data carries with it the need for the availability of storage technologies with ever improving density, performance, increased capacity, and lower cost.”

The INSIC report discussed how tape is poised for significant capacity advancements, due to a number of technological development advantages. A testament to this future outlook is the LTO Technology Roadmap which is projected to reach a cartridge capacity of 480TB compressed by generation-12. Furthermore, the INSIC report elaborates on the data security offered by tape’s offline features, “The dramatic increase in malware / ransomware in the market has driven more demand for offline storage, including tape, which provides significant protection from cyberattacks.” Why? Well a tape cartridge removed from the drive is no longer reachable by the system, a method we like to call air-gap protection, which prevents access to vital information by cyber-attackers.

LTO technology can help solve the data protection puzzle. Learn more at a free webinar below.

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[1] Tape Roadmap INSIC Report 2019