In this jolly season of thankfulness, remembrance and gift-giving, it can be a fun time shopping for that special someone even if that someone is you. Not sure what to get yourself and your organization for the holiday season? How about peace of mind with solid data security that is economically affordable. In this BlogBytes we are going to dive into the benefits of LTO tape security and data preservation. Ready – set – let’s go!

You Need It

Do you worry about how to reel in escalating long term storage costs? Or whether or not your data is in imminent threat from cyber-attackers who will freeze up your data unless you pay them a large ransom to free it up? If so, you could use some peace of mind. As mentioned in an article, “A ransomware attack brought Baltimore city government’s computers to a halt [in May 2019]. The hackers reportedly [held] the city’s files hostage, demanding up to 13 Bitcoins (about $76,280) to free the city’s systems.”  As highlighted in the previous BlogBytes, LTO technology is inherently offline which creates an air gap between the data and the system to provide an added layer of security, which is a critical attribute of data storage protection. If cyber-criminals can’t access the data, then it can’t be destroyed or held for ransom. You need that kind of protection to avoid having to pay to release your system and data from a ransomware attack.

Price Check

So how does an LTO-8 solution compare economically to an all-disk or all-cloud solution for data protection? ESG calculated the numbers, including all of the hardware, media, energy costs and maintenance, and according to their cost valuation of a 10 year total cost of ownership study, “The LTO-8 solution provides an expected total cost of ownership (TCO) that is 86% lower than that of the all-disk solution. ESG’s model also predicts that an additional $406K in savings can be achieved over the ten-year period due to the decreased downtime resulting from the reliability of LTO8 technology, along with the decreased amount of hardware to manage, which increases user productivity. With the high cloud egress costs associated with data retrieval from cloud-based storage, we estimated that the LTO-8 solution’s expected TCO is 34% of the all-cloud TCO over the ten-year modeled period.”

Strategic Mix

When it comes to providing yourself and your organization with a special gift this season a strategic mix of disk, cloud and tape just might be the right combination to provide your company with data access and economic long-term data protection and preservation.

LTO-8 tape media is shipping worldwide and you can learn more about LTO-8 technology here.

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