New Year’s Resolutions – It’s Time to Upgrade!

By now you’ve most likely made a New Year’s resolution list for your company that includes more productivity, efficiency and budget-consciousness. Your storage pool might include LTO generations 5, 6 or 7, or maybe all three and you may be wondering if an upgrade to LTO generation 8 technology can help achieve your resolutions? The quick answer is a resounding yes! In this BlogBytes we will take a close look at how an upgrade to LTO-8 tape can realize your 2020 resolutions helping make it a secure and prosperous year.

Simple Math

Let’s look at the numbers. In Figure-1 you will see a comparison of the native and compressed capacities for LTO generations 5 through 8. Notice that Generation-5 stores 3 TBs compressed while Generation-8 stores a whopping 30 TBs compressed. So here’s the simple math: an LTO-8 tape has storage capacity of up to 10 LTO-5 tape cartridges! An LTO-8 tape can also store nearly five LTO-6 tapes and up to two LTO-7 tapes. To point out the obvious, upgrading to LTO-8 technology can help address those New Year’s resolution objectives.  Here’s what an upgrade to LTO-8 tape can offer:

  • Reduced floor space consumption – less tapes means less floor space with less shelf and container space requirements.
  • Reclaimed tape library space – less library tape slots are needed, helping to conserve investments
  • Improved productivity – LTO-8 tape drives have data transfer rates of up to 750MB per second compressed for over 2.7 terabytes of storage performance an hour per drive
  • Reduced tape handling – less robotic and human handling of tapes means increased efficiency
  • Additional 50% storage capacity at a lower cost – when using Type M media with LTO-8 tape drives

Bonus Benefits

If you are using only disk or cloud storage for long-term data preservation, you may be wasting dollars. ESG reported the results of a ten year storage total cost of ownership (TCO) study that compared an LTO-8 solution with disk and cloud. The study found that “The LTO-8 solution provides an expected TCO that is 86% lower than that of the all-disk solution. ESG’s model also predicts that an additional $406K in savings can be achieved over the ten-year period due to the decreased downtime resulting from the reliability of LTO-8 technology, along with the decreased amount of hardware to manage, which increases user productivity. With the high cloud egress costs associated with data retrieval from cloud-based storage, we estimated that the LTO-8 solution’s expected TCO is 34% of the all-cloud TCO over the ten-year modeled period.”  Want to compare tape and cloud storage costs? Try the LTO TCO Calculator.

User Case Study

You can do what many others have done and upgrade to LTO-8 technology for improved productivity, efficiency and reduced costs to help attain your New Year’s storage resolutions. Brookhaven National Laboratory, located in Uptown, New York, delivers discovery science and transformative technology to power and secure the United States future which includes fundamental research in nuclear and particle physics. See how they use LTO technology to efficiently secure petabytes of data and reduce costs in this case study.