Top 10 BlogBytes of 2019

During 2019 we discussed everything from modern-day LTFS use cases, to solutions for big data challenges, to the ever-present concern of combating cyber-threats. In this issue of BlogBytes, we will review the top ten LTO BlogBytes of 2019 based on readership that spanned these crucial topics. Here we go!


#10Keeping Spidey Safe – Movies today can incorporate computer-generated graphics and very high- definition video creating a need for massive amounts of digital storage and equally massive challenges for the storage manager. This BlogBytes discussed how producers can manage these daunting storage tasks including a use case study showing how LTO technology can help.



#9 – Video Saved, It’s Magic!Protecting video content is a top priority for movie producers, post-production storage executives and video entrepreneurs. In this BlogBytes we took a deep dive and revealed the magic of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) including a user case study.


#8Set your 2019 Resolutions – Creating personal and business resolutions helps set the roadmap to success. In this BlogBytes, we took a look at how organizations can control costs and protect a business’s core data.


#7 – The Big Data ChallengeWhat can you do with data reserves that have grown so large that they’ve become difficult to process and manipulate? In this edition of BlogBytes we defined the big data beast and discussed solutions to manage and store this monstrous creature.


#6What Does A Breach Mean to You? – Did you know that the cost of a data breach can amount to millions of dollars? This BlogBytes discussed the benefits of a “layered approach” including LTO tape to defend against a data breach, offering specific steps that can be taken to protect your organization from potential threats.


#5Hey Tape, What’s Up? – Tape is used in cross-industry segments around the world, from retail and wholesale distribution for records retention, to finance and science exploration. In this BlogBytes we analyzed the tape market and reviewed a case study explaining how a big scientific firm with loads of data is utilizing LTO tape to the max.


#4Thank You for Clicking That Link – That’s what cyber-criminals might say right after they get your ransom payment to unlock your systems and files from a ransomware attack. What steps can you take to protect against an attack? Check out this BlogBytes for tips on how to keep your data safe.


#3The Best Video Mix – About 100,000 attendees, including movie producers and broadcasters, attended the NAB Show in Las Vegas to discover technologies that help capture, preserve and protect valuable video content. The LTO program representatives were on the show floor to demo how LTO technology with LTFS does the job.


#2How Does LTO Tape Do It? – According to the INSIC Tape Technology Roadmap, magnetic tape has a number of technology levers that allow it to significantly increase its storage capability and performance while continuously improving its impressive data integrity and reliability characteristics. In this issue of BlogBytes we reviewed the INSIC Roadmap findings that outlined a strong growth trajectory for LTO technology.


#1The Storage Issues That Must Be Solved – In the #1 BlogBytes of the year, we discussed top concerns in the data storage puzzle including cost, data availability and data protection, as well as the positive outlook for tape technology as reported by the Information Storage Industry Consortium (INSIC).


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