Calculate your long-term storage costs with our new TCO Calculator

When it comes to managing your storage budget, more often than not, a large piece of that budget and plan is dedicated to archive storage, or data that needs to be preserved in the long-term.  In our experience, storage managers struggle with estimating just how much this can cost across various storage platforms. Now there…

October 19, 2017

A Sweet Time at IBC

Attendees were delighted as the LTO Program dished out sweet ice cream treats at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam earlier this month.  To put the cherry on top of the ice-cream, the LTO Program team also offered attendees live demonstrations of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) with LTO-7 tape technology in action….

September 27, 2017

Make Mine a Double Scoop

The LTO Program will be at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam dishing up a double scoop of technology with LTO-7 tape and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) as well as some tasty scoops of real ice cream! This double helping of goodness will satisfy participants’ appetites for low-cost, highly reliable storage technology as…

September 14, 2017

Broadcasters, Listen Up! This Message is for You!

The International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 14-19 September. IBC attracts the attention of more than 50,000 global media creation management attendees who take care of online content, digital cinema, automated workflows, high resolution capture and display and more. The LTO Program will be at IBC demonstrating LTO…

August 30, 2017

Do you Have Terabytes or Petabytes?

You may be a small- or medium-sized business with storage needs in the terabyte (TB) range or perhaps you are a large enterprise with mountains of data measured in petabytes (PBs).  In either case, both of these environments have many similar business objectives, one of which is managing data in the most cost-efficient way. In…

August 16, 2017

Tape Rises to the Top

“The chances are good that your data will end up on magnetic tape,” proclaimed Jon Toigo of Toigo Partners International in a TechTarget article.  This Blogbytes article aims to dispel the myths about tape’s role in data centers, and examine why LTO technology is a storage “must have” for IT directors and cloud vendors who…

July 26, 2017

Flash and Tape – A Perfect Pairing of Storage Technologies!

The need to have data at the fingertips of corporate managers, producers and consumers is increasing. Decisions must be made in a timely manner, which has led to the growing adoption of flash disk storage also known as Solid State Drives (SSD). This type of storage is utilized for hot data – data that requires…

July 13, 2017

Where to Store All That Video Surveillance Data

Digital video surveillance (DVS) is most notably utilized in public parks, parking garages, businesses, construction sites, neighborhoods and homes. Today, video surveillance data is growing by leaps and bounds – it is estimated that 127 million video surveillance cameras will be sold in 2017 [1]. Higher resolution cameras and longer retention periods are creating huge…

June 26, 2017

The Value of Tape is Compelling for You and the Cloud

IT storage managers experience daily pressures from all directions. Not only must they control costs, address compliance requirements, manage exponential data growth and make data available when it is needed, but also protect and secure short and long-term storage in the most cost-effective way.  In this BlogBytes article, we will discuss how LTO tape technology…

June 15, 2017

Ransomware – The Ugly Truth and How to Fight Back

Holding computer systems and data hostage for ransom is an ugly situation.  The recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack took cyber-attacks to new heights as it affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world.  In this BlogBytes post, we will learn about this type of cyber-attack, review recent incidents, examine what you can do to protect…

May 31, 2017