LTO Generation 8 delivers the latest in tape technology with more than 30TB* of compressed capacity and up to 750 MB/s* data transfer rates. With continued support of partitioning to enable functions like LTFS making tape easy to manage, nothing beats LTO-8® technology for all of your storage needs.

Eight Reasons for LTO-8 Technology

You can STORE MORE with LTO-8. Double the capacity of LTO-7, up to 12 TB native per cartridge, and 30 TB compressed.

LTO-8 technology reduces the $ per TB of LTO-7 tapes by 50% with new Type M media.

LTO technology remains the lowest cost storage option for long term storage**. 

LTO tape stores data offline to provide effective protection against ransomware and malware.

LTO technology is green storage to help you minimize environmental costs over time.

LTO technology enables compliance with features like WORM and AES-256-bit encryption.

LTO is an open standard, so you know your investment is protected, and you don’t get locked into proprietary technologies.

LTO technology has a strong technology roadmap with defined plans to get to Gen 12.

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression.  
** ‘Quantifying the Economic Benefits of LTO8 Technology’, ESG Economic ValidationSummaryReport, August 2018.