Read the latest about the LTO Program in NewsBytes!

Read the latest about the LTO Program in NewsBytes!


  • “LTO Technology’s Year in Review” (December)


  • “LTO-8 Technology Offers Even Lower Archiving Costs” (September)
  • “Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware and Optimize Costs with LTO Technology” (April)
  • “A Year of Innovation for the LTO Program” (February)


  • “Total Cost of Ownership Tool Helps You Predict More Accurate Storage Costs for Long-Term Data Retention” (November)
  • “Meet the Next Generation of Tape Technology” (October)
  • “New White Paper Details Benefits of LTO Technology for DVS” (July)
  • “LTO Technology Reaches Tape Media Shipment Milestone” (May)
  • “The LTO Program Hits the Road First Stop: the NAB Show” (March)
  • “New Year’s Resolution: Reliable & Effective Data Storage” (January)


  • “The Seasons are Changing, Why Not Change Your Storage Strategy?” (November)
  • “Tape Technology Flexes its Muscles” (September)
  • “Tape Technology Makes Waves this Summer” (July)
  • “Tape Technology on the Road to Success” (May)
  • “Cost Effective,  Reliable, and Energy-Efficient: ESG Declares Tape Plays Key Role for Organizations” (March)


  • “What’s Next in Storage: LTO-7 News, 2016 Predictions” (December)
  • “LTO-7 Specifications Now Available: Improved Capacity and Faster Transfers”  (October)
  • “Storage is Only the Beginning: How LTFS is Exceeding Limits” (August)
  • “Follow The LTO Program on Twitter and LinkedIn!” (June)
  • “Preserving America’s Pastime” (April)
  • “Starting Off Right By Saving on Storage” (March)


  • “More Security and Protection for Digital Surveillance with LTO Technology” (November)
  • “LTO Technology Roadmap Extended to Generation 10” (September)
  • “LTO: Did You Know?” (August)
  • “Seeding Your Cloud with LTO and LTFS” (June)
  • “Compliance = Confidence” (April)
  • “Backup or Archive — Know the Difference” (February)


  • “Start Your 2014 Planning with LTO Technology” (November)
  • “Tackling Big Data with LTO Tape” (October)
  • “Can Tape Preserve Iconic Moments and National Treasures?” (August)
  • “Can You Reduce Storage Media Costs by 99 Percent? Absolutely!” (May)
  • “And the Winner Is…” (February)
  • “New Year Ushers in New Opportunities” (January)


  • “Tape: A Silver Lining to Any Cloud” (December)
  • “LTFS and LTO are Media and Entertainment Industry Blockbusters” (August)
  • “LTO Celebrates 12 Years of Safe, Secure and Cost-Effective Storage” (June)
  • “The Truth About Backups” (April)
  • “How to Manage the Big Stuff” (February)


  • “Backup and Archive Planning for 2012” (December)
  • “Trick or Treat!” (October)
  • “Q&A for LTFS” (June)
  • “NAB Participants Rave About LTO-5 Technology” (May)
  • “Studies Show Tape Can Provide Considerable Storage Cost Savings” (March)
  • “Tape and Cloud: How to Make Sure Your Data Soars Above” (January)


  • “Boo!” (October)
  • “Can Tape Looks and Act Like Disk?” (July)
  • “Paving the Road to the Future” (April)
  • “It’s Time to Expose Those Tape Fallacies…” (March)


  • “What are the Best Practices for Backup and Data Retention?” (December)
  • “The Storage Dilemma” (November)
  • “Nearly 90 Percent of Your Data Needs Tape” (June)