The amount of data and content being produced is growing in leaps and bounds. With high capacity and reliability, LTO tape can provide years of protection at a much lower cost than other storage solutions. And with LTFS, it’s easier to view, archive and share your files than ever before.

As the amount of data your company creates continues to increase, a cost-effective and dependable solution can often be hard to find. Limited budgets mean that data storage managers need to get creative with how they tackle their storage needs. Look no further – LTO technology offers an ultimate solution.

LTO technology is the lowest cost for storage in the foreseeable future in the data storage market. Initial cost isn’t the only benefit however, as LTO tape continues to offer the best cost per gigabyte over the entire life span of the data when compared to other options.

When it comes to long-term archiving, storage managers have to think about a lot of factors: equipment, media, maintenance, energy costs and floor space. Since costs for each can be significant, it’s crucial that data capacity is maximized at every opportunity while minimizing overheads.

ESG found that there is an impressive 577% return on investment when utilizing a tape solution for long-term data protection.* ESG also reported that LTO tape is thriving and has a bright future in organizations of all sizes. Their overall conclusion was that the more data that can be preserved on tape, the lower the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Now you can use the money that you would be pouring into another storage solution, where your business needs it most.

* Determined by comparing TCO of LTO to a present mode of operation of all-disk storage over ten year period, when accounting for avoided costs and net-new economic improvements. Source: ESG report “Analyzing the Economic Value of LTO Tape for Long-Term Data Retention,” February 2016.



LTO technology is a very energy-efficient method for storing data


Tape drives consume very little power and a cartridge in a shelf consumes no energy


With high capacity and compact format, LTO technology also requires less floor space


For long-term data retention, LTO technology has a 577% return on investment