The amount of data and content being produced is growing in leaps and bounds. With high capacity and reliability, LTO tape can provide years of protection at a much lower cost than other storage solutions. And with LTFS, it’s easier to view, archive and share your files than ever before.

Important data rarely stays put. In fact, data often needs to be accessed from — or stored in — a different location from where the data first originated. Thanks to the portability of LTO tape, that’s never a problem.

Many long-term archiving situations require data to be stored in a remote location for the most cost-effective and secure solution. This is particularly true for disaster recovery, where copies of backup data need to be kept separate from the original data source.

Beyond archiving and backup, there are many other applications where data needs to be transferred from where it has been generated to another point. For example, in media and entertainment, the data might be video files that are being sent from production to editing, or for large data centers, it might be gigabytes of data that needs to be mirrored in a different location.

Traditional disk vs. LTO Technology: What options are available to me?

Traditional disk is far less durable, particularly when sending to and from remote locations. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are expensive – up to 90 cents per gigabyte. And Internet transfer drains resources, exposes your files to security concerns and can take a long time..

But fear not, LTO technology can help. In fact, for transferring gigabytes of data from one point to another — quickly, reliably and in the most cost-effective way — it’s your best bet. Best of all, with the capabilities of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and its open format, the tapes you need to send or receive are compatible between multiple vendors. Finding files is as easy as if you were plugging a USB drive into your computer, and the technology works across all platforms and operating systems.

Not to mention, LTO-8 tape is cost effective and much less expensive than disk and SSD. Cartridges are more durable, with heavy-duty construction, so are much less fragile than disk. They’re also more secure, with hardware-based encryption options and Write-Once, Read-Many (WORM) options to help further protect data. And with the threat of ransomware and cyberattack on the rise, tape is a reliable offline medium to store sensitive data with complete air gap protection,, so your data is less susceptible to virus, hackers, system errors or other threats.

For portability, think of LTO-8 technology as “low-cost high bandwidth in a box.” It’s easy to use, completely removable and easily transportable. With transfer rates approaching 750 MB/sec compressed and 360 MB/sec native, overnight shipping of 30 TB of compressed data per cartridge can be much less expensive (and faster) than sending via other methods. Transferring an entire data center is as simple as packing up a box full of LTO tapes and shipping them wherever they need to go.



Easily stored offline to protect against on-line data corruption


Easily stored offsite incase of a disaster recovery situation


Offline protection against ransomware and cyberattack


Easy to use and completely removeable


Transport big amounts of data in a secure and cost effective way


Share, distribute or transfer data easily with LTFS