Linear Tape Open (LTO), also known as the LTO Ultrium format is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format that is optimized for high capacity, maximum storage density and performance. Since the first LTO products were brought to market, over 5.6 million drives [1], 351,732,245 cartridges and 370,870 Billion GB of media capacity have been shipped, making LTO Ultrium the most successful tape format in history.

Tape offers many benefits, including impressively high restore rates based on any specific configurations for very large volumes of data. LTO technology has become the de facto tape format standard worldwide, and tape systems can integrate with multiple systems onsite or offsite, including many on-premise/private cloud solutions.

IDC White Paper, sponsored by the LTO TPCs Tape and Cloud: Solving Storage Problems in the Zettabyte Era of Data

July 2019

The Tape Advantage

LTO Technology remains unrivalled in terms of cost for capacity, reliability, portability and security, and it continues to play a crucial role in data protection. An LTO tape solution can also complement a disk-based storage system by providing an offline or backup option. This means that your data can remain protected in the event of malware or a data security breach.

Whether you’re archiving valuable data, managing hours of digital video or simply transporting large data files, LTO tape is an ideal solution for some of the most demanding applications.

A Technology You Can Trust

The LTO Ultrium format is brought to you by some of the most respected names in the storage industry. And because it’s “open” format, you have a wide choice of compatible offerings from multiple vendors, avoiding the risk of being locked into proprietary technology.

There’s also a well-defined technology roadmap, so you know that it’s a solution that you can rely on both today and in the future.

1 IDC Tape Worldwide Factory Out Report