A new White Paper from Horison Information Strategies uncovers the insights

The challenges faced by Hyperscale Data Centers (HSDCs) and strategies to address them are discussed in an upcoming whitepaper by Horison Information Strategies. This BlogBytes article is going to give you a sneak peek at this enlightening paper.


Did you know that the largest data center campus in the world is located in beautiful Tahoe, Nevada USA? It covers 7.2 million square feet which is the size of nearly 90 soccer fields!  Hyperscale data centers are typically quite efficient and require careful planning and management including the control of unprecedented amounts of energy and advanced cooling technologies from multiple energy sources. 

The world’s largest data center is the size of ninety soccer pitches


HSDC expansion puts strain on server and storage energy consumption

An HSDC can by defined in size by having more than 5,000 servers and 10,000 square feet and the ability to scale resources up and down as demand requires.  One of the first things the paper points out is that although HDSCs can be large like the one in Nevada they are more about scalability and less about size.  There are already over 500 of them with many more on the way. 


The paper describes that leading cloud providers including Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft each have 60 or more data center locations with at least three in each of the four global regions. What are some of the biggest challenges? The explosion of digital content and the strain it puts on server and storage resources including energy consumption are at the top of the list. The paper discusses these topics in detail and – Spoiler Alert – how LTO tape technology can help address these issues.  


The Hyperscale Data Center paper delves into the nitty gritty facets of energy use and consumption. Examples and measurements are used to illustrate that “being green” is a must for HSDCs and that data centers of any size can benefit from these stratagems.  The paper goes on to discuss data protection, backup and recovery, archive, and capacity scaling. That’s not all: tiered storage, data storage reliability, and fighting the cybercrime epidemic are also conferred.

There is a lot of thought-provoking information in the Horison paper with concepts that can be employed to help gain control over IT storage costs and energy consumption as well as to protect data content efficiently and economically.  Stay tuned – the paper is coming soon!