Find out more in the upcoming webinar with industry expert, Phil Goodwin and the LTO Program

While tape has been used for decades for data storage, the technology continues to evolve.  Today, organizations can continue to use tape to address many of their storage issues around data protection and data sprawl.


Ever wish you could ask some key storage questions of an expert industry analyst? Well, now you can!  A webinar sponsored by the LTO Program will give you a direct line to industry expert Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies. You can listen in as Phil will take questions on a number of hot or emerging storage issues and how LTO technology can help.

Here’s a quick look at some of the subjects to be covered:

  • Ransomware is top of mind for many IT managers as attacks are growing at an alarming rate. Phil will discuss this important data protection topic and the role that tape storage can play to help stem the tide of this menacing cybercrime
  • The amount of data that storage managers are required to manage is growing exponentially. Phil will examine this concern and delve into the realm of “dark data” and how to reduce the storage cost burden.
  • Data sprawl is getting worse for most organizations and cloud based backup is now being more closely examined for its pros and cons. Phil will share some practical and relevant strategies to help protect and access data and how to do it economically.

And in addition to these talking points, there will be plenty more to hear in this webinar. You don’t want to miss this important storage exchange with Phil Goodwin, IDC Research Director!

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And in the meantime, the LTO Program is publishing a ‘Q&A’ document in which Phil Goodwin gives some summary guidance on how organizations can use tape to solve their data management problems.  You can read and download the Q&A document here!