You invested time and money in your broadcasting project and needed to improve the process, lower the costs and protect the content every step of the way. How did you do it? – With help from LTO Tape Technology. See the latest LTO technology at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 9 – 12. In this BlogBytes we will discuss what you will experience at the LTO booth and why multi-media producers use LTO technology as a fundamental ingredient in their content protection strategy.


 The LTO team will be demonstrating LTO-9 tape drives and media featuring Linear Tape File System (LTFS) from September 9 – 12 at booth 7.B04. You can get an up close experience with the latest generation of LTO technology that boasts up to 45 TBs of compressed cartridge capacity (18 TB native) and up to 1,000 MB per second data transfer rate (400 MB/s native).

Why is LTO-9 such an important development for broadcasters and content producers? Well, with the transition to 4K and even 8K video resolutions, storage requirements are increasing very rapidly. For instance, one hour of 8K RedCode Raw 75 video can equate to over 7 TBs of storage. If you have multiple cameras shooting for days the content can grow rapidly to almost superhero quantities! The large capacity of LTO-9 technology helps production teams in film, television and commercial video production achieve storage efficiencies and overcome economic challenges. Meanwhile, the fact that data on LTO tape can be fully encrypted at source using AES-256 native encryption and then be kept behind a disconnected ‘air gap’ ensures your valuable intellectual property is protected at each stage of the workflow.

And now, the newly expanded LTO Roadmap provides details of all the sequels to the most successful franchise in tape storage history, with capacities that are planned to double with each forthcoming generation. That will ensure LTO is ready to handle the most demanding and sophisticated video workloads for years to come. Come see the roadmap details at the LTO Booth 7.B04.

What else will you experience at IBC with the LTO Program? You will be amazed when you witness LTFS in action with LTO-9 tape! LTFS makes tape easier to use than ever before by using the partitioning feature of LTO technology to divide the tape into two distinct sections. One partition holds the content while the other holds the contents index allowing the system to self-describe what’s on the tape independent of any ISV software. Effectively, this makes an LTO-9 cartridge as independent and flexible as a USB stick, albeit one with 45 TB of capacity, which enables improved archive management and content access.


A real life case study of the power of LTFS is The Bridge, located in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai, India. The Bridge is a post-production facility specializing in on-set dailies, data archiving, conform services, color grading, and post production workflow design and management. As outlined in this case study, “The Bridge required a fast and simple workflow solution that could quickly offload high-resolution camera media in the field. As The Bridge delivers the raw camera master content to its film production clients, they needed a solution that would easily integrate into their On-Set Lab.” The Bridge implemented LTO tape with LTFS that helps them streamline 4K+ pipelines for their clients. 

They can offer reliable digital camera master archiving, an approvals workflow, and automated conforms directly from LTO tape. As noted in the study, the benefits are remarkable:

  • Combined storage costs savings of 50% – 70%
  • Eliminates labor costs for manual conforms
  • Secure data reduces reshoots and keeps feature film budgets in check
  • Easily accessible — 100% open content maximizes future monetization of media
  • High-speed offloads of camera data in the field keeps project schedules on track
  • Conforms directly from LTO tape with fully automated process that now only takes hours – replaced slow manual process that required days


At IBC Amsterdam, not only will you be able to see LTO-9 technology with LTFS in action and talk with the LTO experts, but you will also be the first to see the newly expanded LTO Technology Roadmap up close. And you can hear your favourite movie musical masterpieces performed by the award winning performer Elesky! The LTO future is bright so put on your shades and hurry on over to the LTO Booth 7.B04 ! See you soon!