The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference is being held in early December in Las Vegas, Nevada and the LTO program will be there. In this BlogBytes you will get a preview of some of the conference highlights and what you can expect to witness at the LTO booth. Let’s take a look!

The Gartner conference is expected to host leaders from corporations around the world that are concerned about making their IT operations more effective while improving efficiencies including cost control and data protection.


The conference agenda includes a wide range of topics from infrastructure and operations vision for 2023 to making your data center eco-friendly and best practices for secure backup and recovery. When we think of eco-friendly environments and secure backups to protect company data assets, savvy users think of their LTO tape infrastructure. Which leads this discussion to the next big question: What will you experience at the LTO program booth?


At the LTO booth specialists will be showcasing the benefits of the latest LTO tape technology – LTO generation-9. LTO technology has been proven to be reliable, secure and low cost and you will learn that LTO-9 tape is the fastest, highest capacity and most reliable LTO tape to date. In addition, LTO technology can make a significant impact on environmental sustainability. In a recent white paper analysis, ESG concluded that “organizations could save on energy consumption, CO2 emission, and disposal costs in their production storage environments by adding tape as a storage tier and replacing spinning HDDs with tape media for the less active data.” Learn more about tapes positive effect on sustainability in this ESG White Paper.


LTO technologies green features are only some of many LTO data protection attributes that customers have come to trust. LTO technology can provide the ultimate data security against cyber-threats because of LTO tapes data saving “air-gap” capability. When an LTO data cartridge is removed from the drive an air-gap is created between the data and the system thwarting cyber access. The offline LTO protected data could then be used to restore compromised online data.

That’s not all; ask the team about the 14 generation LTO technology roadmap into the future. The future is bright! See you there.