The LTO Program - 2021: A Storage Outlook

There is some great stuff coming your way this year!

In this BlogBytes we would like to give you an exclusive preview of the exciting list of events and information that the LTO Program will sponsor in 2021.


Although 2020 was a difficult year, the LTO Program managed to publish an array of articles and activities covering a wide range of topics : ranging from storage cost control to mounting a defense against malware. You can see a review of the year’s undertakings in LTO NewsBytes and in the Top 10 LTO BlogBytes of 2020.

And now, as we hopefully turn the corner in the broader sense, in this BlogBytes we would like to give you an exclusive preview of the exciting list of events and information that the LTO Program will sponsor in 2021. It’s great stuff!

Look out for a series of reports from Horison Information Strategies


You can expect a barrage of information on pressing storage topics this year including three white papers from Horison Information Strategies.  The first paper will delve into the world of hyperscalers including how they are dealing with the push to go green. Curbing carbon emissions is a hot topic; in fact, last December the LTO Program published a BlogBytes that took a close look at energy consumption and what you can do to reduce the power drain with a little help from LTO technology. See it here.

You’ll also be hearing from IDC via a webinar where they will present their latest data storage findings and recommendations.


The LTO technology roadmap will deliver a new generation

But the main event of the year is sure to be the next generation of LTO technology.  Is your organization bloated with a ton of data? Fear not, LTO Generation 9 technology is on the way to save the day! It is spec’d for up to 45 TBs per cartridge of compressed data storage capacity. LTO-9 technology will support popular features including hardware-based encryption, WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) functionality and the Linear Tape File System (LTFS). See more about LTO-9 technology here.


Covid restrictions permitting, many trade shows are intending to reopen in 2021.  Where possible, the LTO Program is planning to be at some key events to showcase its latest in data protection technology. Look for the LTO team to be at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam in September and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas in October to help the rich media marketplace store and securely preserve data content. In addition, travel restrictions willing, the LTO Program plans to be at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference in Las Vegas in December.



In case you missed it, you can hear what IT executives think about their tape storage implementations and future plans in the ESG tape user survey that took place late last year. Did you know, for instance, 89% of the survey respondents are increasing or maintaining their tape storage footprint?  You can read about this and many more key facts in the ‘ESG Tape Landscape Report, 2020’.

As reported in The Ecryptonomist, Bitdefender’s 2020 mid-year analysis found a “seven-fold increase in ransomware reports compared to the same time last year.” Therefore, you can be assured that throughout the year we will discuss the ever present threats of malware and ransomware and how to defend against them.  Also, later in the year we are planning a special tape innovation webinar that will be quite illuminating. Stay tuned!

There is a lot on the schedule this year and a few surprises to come as well. Of course, you can count on the LTO Program to continue providing press releases, the latest headlines, and storage insights at BlogBytes throughout the year. See you soon!

The ESG Tape Landscape Report –