LTO BlogBytes Top Ten of 2020

2020 has been a year of many challenges and changes. For network managers, admins and their teams, staying safe has been a priority, while still trying to manage the ever-increasing demands on storage infrastructure.

The LTO BlogBytes articles in 2020 discussed a range of topics during these turbulent times from cost control to preserving data and preventing malware attacks. This column presents the top ten LTO BlogBytes of the year based upon readership. Enjoy!


It was a December BlogBytes article but it made the top 10 list by discussing key issues for organizations on how to control carbon emissions and energy consumption. Read all about it in Reducing Carbon Emissions – How LTO technology can help save energy!


With data creation on an unprecedented growth trajectory the mission to protect and provide access to the data cost efficiently becomes quite challenging. This BlogBytes hit number 9 on the list by discussing why active archiving is a recommended approach to addressing the challenges and it includes an LTO user story about a professional hockey team in Active Archiving can Save the Day and Your Data.


ESG recently conducted a user survey that examined the tape storage landscape for 2020. The survey assessed a number of key storage issues including how growing compliance requirements and ransomware are influencing buying decisions. See the results in ESG Tape Landscape Study – What IT Professionals Really Think!


Cybercriminals remain a constant threat and they are getting more sophisticated with each attack and now they’re targeting your backups! This BlogBytes reviewed some victims of ransomware attacks and discussed what you can do to protect your backups and your organization. Read all about it in the number seven BlogBytes of the year The Persistent Threat Of Cyberattacks.


Your IT department is burdened with not only maintaining timely access to vital information but doing it in a cost efficient manner. That’s why this BlogBytes article took a deep dive in to the elements that contribute to the total cost of ownership for storing data while comparing disk vs cloud vs tape. See the details in LTO Technology’s TCO Advantage.



Blockbuster movies may be exciting to watch but behind the scenes they create huge storage requirements for producers. The number five BlogBytes of the year took a close look at key factors affecting the storage needs of the media and entertainment industry and discussed how LTO technology can help save the production. See it all in Hollywood’s Huge and Growing Storage Demands.


LTO technology achieved another shipment milestone when a record 114,079 petabytes compressed of total LTO tape capacity shipped in 2019 helping organizations worldwide protect and preserve data. This article discussed that and how a national laboratory uses LTO tape libraries to help manage petabytes of data. The details are in Another Tape Shipment Record!


Data storage requirements are growing by leaps and bounds. This BlogBytes dispelled the myths about tape, examined key factors involving storage costs and data protection, and discussed why LTO technology is a critical element in the storage infrastructure of today and into the future: Data Protection Myths Busted!


The number two BlogBytes of the year discussed insights from a prominent industry organization regarding the value of LTO technology in today’s fast moving and challenging hybrid IT landscape. And, it took a close look at an LTO use case study. Read all about it in: What does the Future Hold for LTO Technology?

#1 – 2020: TIME TO UPGRADE

While most of us are probably hoping that 2021 will be an upgrade on 2020, many LTO users wondered if an upgrade from LTO generations 6 and 7 to LTO generation 8 could help them achieve 2020 New Year’s storage resolutions. Well, the answer was yes! You can read all about the reasons why in the number 1 article of the year: 2020 – Time to Upgrade!  Get the scoop on LTO generation-9 here.

There was a lot to discuss in 2020 and there will be lots more on the data protection front for 2021. You can be assured that LTO BlogBytes will strive to keep you informed. Thanks for reading LTO BlogBytes!