What was capturing the attention of readers during the last twelve months?

The year 2021 was a challenging year on several fronts from the relentless attacks by cyber criminals to the ever increasing amounts of data to protect and manage. In this BlogBytes we will review the top 10 LTO BlogBytes of the last twelve months based on readership. Have fun revisiting these gems!


IDC estimates that by 2025 there will be 7 trillion gigabytes of cold archive data — unprecedented challenges are faced by companies of all sizes. What role does LTO tape storage play in this so-called ‘Zettabyte Era’? What do the experts say? We got three of the best technology minds together in a straight-talk webinar to answer these questions and other thought provoking queries. Get the compelling answers to these questions and lots more in, “THE STORAGE CHALLENGES OF THE DIGITAL FUTURE – TAPE INNOVATION UNCOVERED​.”


A company’s digital assets are of high value and protecting them is of upmost importance especially in this environment of cyber sabotage, data theft, email schemes and ransomware. In the number nine BlogBytes of the year we discussed key steps needed to protect your critical data. See it all in “ENCRYPTION- PROTECT DATA AT ITS GRASS ROOTS.”


Did you know it is estimated that within 5 years internet devices, sensors and cameras will be generating nearly 80 zettabytes of data? This affects the cloud, the fog, the edge and how data will be stored. A new white paper from Fred Moore at Horison Information Strategies discusses the next frontier for data generation and storage and how LTO technology will play a paramount role. We took a close look at the highlights of the paper in “WHAT’S THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR TAPE?”​


The challenges faced by Hyperscale Data Centers and strategies to address them are discussed in an upcoming whitepaper by Horison Information Strategies. The number seven BlogBytes article in the top ten: “WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM A HYPERSCALE DATA CENTER?” gave a sneak peek at this enlightening paper.


Fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados and other disasters can cause immeasurable damage to an organization, its business and its customers. In the number six BlogBytes of the year: “FIGHTING THE UNKNOWN THREAT TO YOUR DATA”, we discussed how you can protect your data against unknown threats.


When faced with an IT decision you will likely ask a series of questions to gather decision making criteria. We posed several key questions related to tape storage to industry expert Phil Goodwin, IDC Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies. In the number five BlogBytes issue we gave you a preview of some of the Q&A and a link to the full discussion with Goodwin in which some of his answers may surprise you in, “USING TAPE STORAGE TO SOLVE DATA MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS.”

Geoff Mordock from the LTO Program and Phil Goodwin of IDC in conversation


Did you know that the amount of data that is being stored globally is expected to grow to 8.9 zettabytes by 2024? This unprecedented data growth will present new challenges and opportunities for organizations in all industries! In the number four BlogBytes of the year we reviewed a white paper by Horison Information Strategies called Understanding the Data Lifecycle.  Get the highlights of this captivating paper in, “DATA STORAGE IS BECOMING HUGE.”


It’s estimated that by the year 2025 over 460 exabytes of data will be created daily worldwide bringing us in to the Zettabyte Era!  Storage managers are clamoring to keep pace with this data growth phenomenon while managing near stagnant budgets, fending off cyberattacks, and reducing the carbon footprint.
But good news from the LTO Program is on the way with the new LTO-9 technology. Read all about LTO-9 tape in the BlogBytes called, “LTO NEXT GEN TAPE IS MASSIVE!”


Earlier in 2021, the largest U.S. fuel pipeline was cyber-attacked causing a prolonged shutdown and a Federal state of emergency! This is one of many such occurrences of cyberwarfare on businesses and government organizations around the world. In this BlogBytes we took a close look at cyberattacks and outlined what you can do to help protect your organization against this ever present and costly threat. See the details in, “BEWARE – RANSOMWARE ATTACKS CONTINUE.”


And rounding off the charts, the number one BlogBytes of the year gave an exclusive preview of the exciting list of events and information that the LTO Program planned to sponsor in 2021. The plans included an array of articles, interviews and activities covering a wide range of topics from storage cost control to mounting a defense against malware … and … the LTO Program delivered! See the vision and mark our scorecard in, “THE LTO PROGRAM- 2021: A STORAGE OUTLOOK.”


2021 was a challenging year for many reasons, but in spite of this, it was also a period of many interesting stories and developments in the world of tape storage.  We look forward to bringing you all the news and developments about the LTO Program and LTO Technology in our BlogBytes series of 2022.  And hopefully, even getting the opportunity to meet face to face once again at a trade show or exhibition in the not-too-distant-future!

Watch out for the next BlogBytes coming soon!